Acute Therapy

Together We Are Dedicated to Advancing What’s Possible in Critical Care


Our Approach to Advancing Acute Therapies

Our leadership in continuous renal replacement therapy and organ support therapies is rooted in 5 core values that guide our work:

Supporting Patient Outcomes

We support you in delivering better patient outcomes.

Innovating with purpose

We align our product and service innovations with the highest priorities of patient-centered critical care teams worldwide.  

Delivering actionable Insights 

We help you build knowledgeable and confident care teams.

Simplifying complexity

We create integrated solutions that help simplify complexity and enable efficiencies.

Partnering for Patient Care

We partner with you to personalize and help optimize patient-centered care.


Advancing CRRT for More Than 20 Years

As a leader in CRRT, Baxter's innovative approach to advancing the therapy is guided by an ambition to support you in improving patient outcomes by delivering customized and effective treatment solutions. 

We are committed to partner with you on our journey towards expanding the treatment possibilities and streamlining the treatment delivery process. To us, that means continuously striving to help simplify the complexities throughout the ICU, providing comprehensive clinical and technical support, as well as bringing innovative technology to the bedside. 


Baxter CRRT devices installed worldwide1


countries where we support critical care teams2


ICU patients are treated with the support of Baxter products and solutions every day3


Integrated Organ Support Therapies

Often, complex therapy combinations are required to stabilize critically ill patients admitted to the ICU. When a variety of therapies are required, patient invasiveness and the labour burden on nurses increase.

This complexity is at the core of Baxter's approach to delivering organ support therapies. With a focus on helping to simplify workflows and limiting patient invasiveness, Baxter integrates multiple organ support therapies on a single treatment system. This allows for the concurrent delivery of critical therapies such as CRRT, ECCO2R, TPE and Sepsis Management, enabling truly patient-centric multi-organ support. 

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Baxter Critical Care Institute

Your education partner for AKI management and organ support therapies.

Read about how we support you in enabling confidence and consistent, quality treatment.


What If You Could Do More with Less

Decades of experience supporting and collaborating with healthcare professionals to deliver CRRT and other organ support therapies allow us to develop innovations that create an impact at the bedside. Read more about the Baxter Critical Care product portfolio. 

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