Peritoneal Dialysis

PD is the Future For Many Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease 

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Improving Access to PD Therapy and Raising the Quality of Care

Since pioneering peritoneal dialysis in 1960, Baxter has been committed to providing ESRD patients with this life-saving therapy. PD enables patients undergoing dialysis to maintain their lifestyle and independence while offering potentially better clinical outcomes and substantially lower costs--a win-win for patients, providers and healthcare systems alike. Baxter, through its partnership with the nephrology community, is committed to improving access to PD therapy, raising the quality of care helping to achieve better outcomes for ESRD patients. Today, we offer the market’s most comprehensive PD portfolio, including the world’s only renal remote patient management system.

Our ambition is to make PD the preferred initial choice of dialysis therapy through smarter patient-centric solutions, helping you offer your patients the best possible care for chronic kidney disease.

Peritoneal Dialysis Facts & Figures


of dialysis patients are on PD today1


Baxter introduces the world’s first PD solution


The cost of PD is approximately 20% lower than that of HD2

PD, PD solutions, patient management, home dialysis

The Benefits of Remote Patient Management

Remote patient management - wherein patients’ clinical data is digitally collected and transmitted to his or her hospital or clinic for 
monitoring and analysis - has been shown to have trends indicating 
fewer hospitalizations, provide improved access to care and lower utilization of healthcare resources3-6.

PD, PD solutions, patient management, home dialysis

Get Connected to Patients on Home Dialysis

Explore our two-way, cloud-based telehealth technology that allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and manage therapy from their clinic.

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