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Get Connected to Patients on Home Dialysis
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Clinicians switching from APD to APD with Sharesource spent a greater proportion of time on patient care1


Clinicians using APD with Sharesource have greater visibility with regards to patient adherence platforms, which may allow for early intervention2


Patients using APD devices with Sharesource had trends indicating fewer hospitalizations than patients using APD devices without Sharesource3


In a simulated study, APD with Sharesource demonstrated a reduction in resource utilization and associated costs4

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Get Connected to Patients on Home Dialysis

Sharesource extends healthcare providers’ reach by allowing visibility to their home patients’ adherence patterns, which may allow for earlier intervention. The telehealth platform is the only globally available two-way technology that allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and manage therapy from their clinic, which includes the ability to change a patient’s prescription setting remotely. 

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Learn more about Sharesource

Learn more about how Sharesource technology can better guide you in providing timely and effective treatment for your patients on the Sharesource Adequest datasheet.

Learn more about how Sharesource’s innovative Remote Patient Monitoring is re-defining the standard of patient care.

We designed Sharesource to help transform and simplify home renal care, so more patients can access and stay on PD longer with confidence and fewer complications.

We are committed to both generating clinical evidence to support the best real-world use of the platform, and to making continual improvements to the platform to ensure optimum value for healthcare providers and patients.

Laura Angelini, GM, Baxter Renal Care


Remote Patient Monitoring Gives Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Peace of Mind

The Amia home automated PD system, with Sharesource remote patient monitoring technology, gives Didi the confidence she needs to live as full and active life as possible.

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