AK 98

Keeping You on Your Path to Balanced Care
AK98, dialysis machine, hemodialysis, HDx, Theranova,


 A treatment set-up designed to optimize ease of use


Integrated Diascan on-line monitoring system provides real-time measurement of treatment adequacy


Theranova dialyzers allow for seamless delivery of expanded hemodialysis therapy (HDx)


Connectivity allows easy transfer and storage if the data for traceability and quality assurance

AK98, dialysis machine, hemodialysis, HDx, dialysis

Keeping You on Your Path to Balanced Care

The AK 98 system is a key component of Baxter’s kidney disease management portfolio, designed to meet the diverse needs of your patients and your clinic. When used in combination with our wide range of consumables and services, this HD system enables you to meet clinical targets while improving operational efficiency. With a user-friendly graphical interface, Diascan treatment monitoring system, IT connectivity, and onscreen treatment supervision graphs, the AK 98 is a fully integrated solution.


Learn More about the AK 98 System

Read more about how the AK 98 system can help you optimize your clinic’s operational and labor costs in the AK 98 brochure. 

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