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Homechoice Claria

Designed to enhance APD therapy from the inside out
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PD, delivered the way you and your patients need


The Homechoice Claria system leverages the proven performance that has made Homechoice one of the most trusted names in PD therapy.


Sharesource connectivity platform facilitates on-demand access to precise patient data


Benefit from delivery and inventory services, on-call technical support, and clinical training resources


Designed to enhance APD therapy from the inside out

The Homechoice Claria system represents the next generation in Homechoice, the world’s most widely prescribed APD cycler and the established market leader in 97 countries1. The Homechoice Claria APD system features the Sharesource connectivity platform, which facilitates on-demand access to precise patient data, allowing you to proactively manage patients remotely and make timely therapy decisions.


Bringing the clinic to your patients

For more information on how the Homechoice Claria system can empower your clinic, read the Homechoice Claria brochure.

Watch how easy treating with Homechoice Claria can be:


Retired Businesswoman Reclaims Her Days on Home Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy with Remote Connectivity

The Homechoice Claria system has provided Ngan Sau Yak flexibility and freedom in pursuing the daily activities she loves, despite her end-stage renal disease. 

See the film

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