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Enabling HDx, the Next Evolution in Hemodialysis
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theranova, theranova dialyzer, dialysis


HDF performance and beyond, as simple as HD1


Membrane design that combines higher permeability than regular high-flux dialyzers with effective selectivity for large proteins1,2


Allows controlled albumin removal of between 1 and 4 grams per dialysis session, and features an augmented internal filtration


Similar endotoxin retention rates to other dialysis membranes of the same material3  

hemodialysis, HDx, Theranova,

Enabling HDx, the Next Evolution in Hemodialysis

The Theranova dialyzer series enables HDx therapy (expanded HD), which effectively targets the removal of large middle molecules4. HDx therapy provides HDF performance and beyond in the removal of conventional middle and large middle molecules using regular HD workflow and infrastructure5.

The Theranova* dialyzer series features an innovative membrane design that combines a higher permeability than regular high-flux dialyzers with effective selectivity for large proteins2,3.

 * Do not use Theranova dialyzers in HDF or HF mode

theranova, theranova dialyzer, dialysis, theranova Datasheet

Learn More About the Theranova Dialyzer Series

Read more about how the Theranova dialyzer series contributes to Baxter’s larger dialyzer portfolio in the Baxter Dialyzer brochure, and about the Theranova dialyzer’s specific functionalities on the Theranova datasheet.

Watch How the Theranova Dialyzer Enables Superior Performance


Brenda’s Theranova Story

Listen to Brenda recount how HDx - enabled by Theranova – helped improve her situation.

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Developing a Superior Membrane

Hear Markus detail the development of the unique Theranova membrane.

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Theranova: a Game-Changer for Patients and Healthcare Providers Alike

Listen to Dr. Hutchinson discuss how HDx, enabled by Theranova, could be a major game-changer for him and his patients.

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